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Julian Wallace



Julian Wallace, lic. phil., has been a Research and Teaching Associate in the Media Change & Innovation Division at the Department of Communication and Media Research (IKMZ), University of Zurich from January 2013 to March 2018.


Prior to joining the IKMZ he worked as Communication Specialist at the „Zombiefood“ computer games studio in Berlin, Germany and as Student Assistant at the IKMZ.


Julian Wallace holds a PhD in communication science from the University of Zurich where he studied and taught communication science, modern history and political science.


Julian Wallace conducted research on Online Gatekeeping. His teaching covered media change, scientific writing, and gatekeeping theory.


Conferences & Workshops

  • Wallace, J. (2016): Public Attention Framing during the #ParisAttacks. Issue Attention Changes in German Speaking News Media and Twitter in a Crisis Event. Paper presented at the 6th European Communication Conference (ECREA), Prague, CZ.


  • Wallace J. (2015): Selbstregulierung bei Computerspielen: Erkenntnisse aus der Evaluation der Selbstregulierung in der Schweiz im Auftrag des BSV. Presentation at the 3. Nationales Fachforum Jugendmedienschutz, 7.9.2017, Paul Klee Zentrum, Bern, CH.


  • Wallace, J. (2015): Producing News in Digital Spaces. New Gatekeeping Processes and the Role of Algorithms and Users. Paper presented at the IAMCR15 preconference CRICIS, Montreal, CA.


  • Wallace J. (2015): Towards a Theory of Online Gatekeeping. Understanding the Role of Users and Algorithms as Gatekeepers in Digital News Diffusion. Paper presented at the IAMCR15, Montreal, CA.


  • Wallace, Julian/Dörr, Konstantin (2014): Beyond Traditional Gatekeeping. How Algorithms and Users Restructure the Online Gatekeeping Process. Presentation at Digital Disruption to Journalism and Mass Communication Theory Conference, 2-3 October 2014, Brussels, Belgium.


  • Wallace, J.(2014): Online Gatekeeper. Theoretische Überlegungen hin zu einem neuen Gatekeeper-Modell. Presentation at the DGPuK Conference, Passau, DE.