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Institutionalist Theoretical Approaches for Media Economics


Just, Natascha /

Michael Latzer

In: Krone, J., Pellegrini, T. (eds) Handbook of Media and Communication Economics. Springer, Wiesbaden. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-658-34048-3_4-2

The starting point of this contribution is a brief characterization and classification of institutional theories. In addition, characteristics of the object of study of this handbook – the convergent communications sector – are highlighted, from which specific challenges and requirements arise regarding the applicability of individ- ual institutional approaches. Subsequently, neo-institutional approaches are assessed in terms of their application to media economics. Finally, in order to extend the limits of neo-institutional approaches, the combination with other theoretical approaches to media economics research of the convergent commu- nications sector is recommended.