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SRG Online Assessment 2011

The Media Change & Innovation Division continues the monitoring and Assessment of the SRG online offer.


In Switzerland the controversial disputes over the online offer of the Swiss public broadcaster (SRG) have resulted in regulatory reforms that specify this service as supplemental to traditional broadcasts. Accordingly, the SRG’s online presence is by law intended to deepen and supplement the traditional program and not to substitute or extend it. Switzerland introduced periodic reviews in 2009 to assess whether the online offer of the SRG complies with these regulations, and its online offer has since been subject to regular scientific evaluations on behalf of BAKOM (Federal Office of Communication).


Like earlier SRG Online Assessments the 2011 study focuses on the question of the extent to which the SRG online offer complies with regulatory requirements. It covers the online offers of SF, DRS, RSR, TSR, RSI, and for the first time also the Rhaeto-Romanic online offer of RTR. Additionally, it gives insights into the structure and functioning of the websites of and the intensity of electronic linking and the pattern of interconnection with other websites.


The SRG Online Assessment 2011 is available for download here.