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  • Michael Latzer will participate at the expert workshop «The turn to artificial intelligence in governing communication online» at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), Berlin.

    The workshop on March 20th focuses upon the technological advancements, the extent of Artificial intelligence (AI) deployment and the range of approaches to understanding the status and future impact of AI systems to govern social communication on the internet.

    The technology underlying AI research has increasingly found applications in the area of content moderation and communication governance on digital platforms. While the scale of problematic online content makes a stronger move reasonable, taking down content through automated means can be risky for online expression and access to information. Amid an obscure use of AI-systems, opaque implementation, vague definitions and a lack of accountability, governments and policy-makers are heavily pressuring companies to take action.

    To map challenges of this development, the workshop addresses three problem-oriented questions:

    • Who are the primary agents of the socio-technical change to AI in content moderation?
    • How is the turn to AI influenced (e.g. governance instruments)?
    • Why is the process of change accepted, or not?