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What is concealed behind the sober technological facade of the omnipresent digitalization? Its current phase reveals itself to us in a threefold form, as a co-evolutionary interplay of the datafication of areas of life, the algorithmization of selection processes and the platformization of markets. The Digital Trinity is driven by the belief system of Silicon Valley prophets and transhumanism, as well as by an implicit digital everyday religion of users. It is geared towards influencing our behavior, changing our view of the world, and thus shaping a digitally transformed social order.


The corresponding journal article can be found here.


The video is available on YouTube, see below:


New layer...


New layer...

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The Digital Trinity was presented as an immersive installation as part of the Planet Digital exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich from February to June 2022.


Credits: Michael Latzer, Media Change & Innovation Division, IKMZ, University of Zurich • Hubertus Design Valentin Kaiser, Kerstin Landis, Nathan Meyer, Jonas Voegli • Sound Design Andalus, Kochstudio Zürich.